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Nicholas Gordon was born 1940 in Albany, N.Y. He runs the website Poems for Free. This website is possibly the best poetry-related personal website on the Internet.

[edit] Buy now

Everything he's ever made is available for free at his website. You can read all his poetry - and there's tons of it - on

Mr. Gordon's idea may be that you eventually will be tempted to buy now in hos "bookstore"[1]. Perhaps he is just a kind person. The website is both cool and kind regardless of motive.

[edit] Listen now

The website itself has the old-fashion HTML 4.0 trendy "tiled background image" and a menu to the left kind of look. It was made using AOLpress/2.0. Yes. AOLpress/2.0. However, it does the job of poetry presentation and navigation satisfactory.

Almost all of the poems at the site have these neat links who allow you to download a MP3 and a WAV audio file where Gordon reads the poem.

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