A Love Letter

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OH, I des received a letter f'om de
sweetes' little gal;
Oh, my; oh, my.
She's my lovely little sweethaht an'
her name is Sal:
Oh, my; oh, my.

She writes me dat she loves me an'
she loves me true,
She wonders ef I'll tell huh dat I
loves huh, too;
An' my h'aht's so full o' music dat
I do' know what to do;
Oh, my; oh, my.

I got a man to read it an' he read
it fine;
Oh, my; oh, my.
Dey ain' no use denyin' dat her love
is mine;
Oh, my; oh, my.
But hyeah's de t'ing dat's puttin' me
in such a awful plight,
I t'ink of huh at mornin' an' I dream
of huh at night;
But how's I gwine to cou't huh w'en
I do' know how to write?
Oh, my; oh, my.
My h'aht is bubblin' ovah wid de
t'ings I want to say;
Oh, my; oh, my.
An' dey's lots of folks to copy what
I tell 'em fu' de pay;
Oh, my; oh, my.

But dey's t'ings dat I's a-t'inkin' dat
is only fu' huh eahs,
An' I could n't lu'n to write 'em ef
I took a dozen yeahs;
So to go down daih an' tell huh is de
only way, it 'peahs;
Oh, my; oh, my.

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