A Made to Order Smile.

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When a woman looks up at you with a twist about her
And her brows are half uplifted in a nicely feigned
As you breathe some pretty sentence, though she hates
you all the while,
She is very apt to stun you with a made to order smile.

It's a subtle combination of a sneer and a caress,
With a dash of warmth thrown in it to relieve its
And she greets you when she meets you with that look
as if a file
Had been used to fix and fashion out that made to
order smile.

I confess that I'm eccentric and am not a woman's
For they seem to be constructed on the bunko fakir
And it somehow sets me thinking that her heart is full
of guile
When a woman looks up at me with a made to order

Now, all maidens, young and aged, hear the lesson I
would teach--
Ye who meet us in the ballroom, ye who meet us at
the beach--
Pray consent to try and charm us by some other sort
of wile
And relieve us from the burden of that made to order

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