A Song of Life

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In the rapture of life and of living,
   I lift up my heart and rejoice,
And I thank the great Giver for giving
   The soul of my gladness a voice.
In the glow of the glorious weather,
   In the sweet-scented, sensuous air,
My burdens seem light as a feather -
   They are nothing to bear.

In the strength and the glory of power,
   In the pride and the pleasure of wealth
(For who dares dispute me my dower
   Of talents and youth-time and health?),
I can laugh at the world and its sages -
   I am greater than seers who are sad,
For he is most wise in all ages
   Who knows how to be glad.

I lift up my eyes to Apollo,
   The god of the beautiful days,
And my spirit soars off like a swallow,
   And is lost in the light of its rays.
Are you troubled and sad? I beseech you
   Come out of the shadows of strife -
Come out in the sun while I teach you
   The secret of life.

Come out of the world--come above it -
   Up over its crosses and graves,
Though the green earth is fair and I love it,
   We must love it as masters, not slaves.
Come up where the dust never rises -
   But only the perfume of flowers -
And your life shall be glad with surprises
   Of beautiful hours.
Come up where the rare golden wine is
   Apollo distills in my sight,
And your life shall be happy as mine is,
   And as full of delight.

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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