All I can give

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I would like to offer you this as my present for today. It's my simple gift but i hope that your wishes come true.

Time to give and forgive
Old or young all become a child
Christmas or Yuletide
We all rejoice at night

Time to lighten candles
With cheerful and bright eyes
We open gifts and we kiss
We share memories and confess
Words of care and love are to bless

Time to let the magic speak
Everyone’s wish at highest peak
When fantasy rules reality
All dreams come true
So we say joyfully thank you

Time we taste and toast
Turkey, goos, lamb or pinnekjøtt
All sorts of food and drink
What counts, is that we are together
Spring is bringing us hope forever

All I can give "you"
A word that tinkles in my head
And flows in my veins
But I can’t verbalize
My hjertet says it’s Elske.

by Soloris

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