Ben Carson

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Ben Carson is a former secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the United States.

He said had this to say about the US society in a TV interview in March 2021:

« It's appropriate that we’re talking about children’s books. Because as a society, we’re acting like children.

Like a child who is in charge who doesn’t like peas. So he says let’s ban peas, anybody eating peas or growing peas shall be killed. That’s childish thinking. That’s what we’re doing right now and it’s absolutely absurd. And I think the rest of the world is having a good belly laugh.

It’s time for us to mature to grow up to recognize, you know, America was the beacon of liberty,” Carson urged, adding America “was the place where people came so that they could express themselves, so they could believe what they wanted to believe so they could have religious freedoms.

It was a place where we believed that our liberties and freedoms came from God, and not from government. You know, the socialists believe that everything comes from government, we can’t abide it.»

Ben Carson, March 2021.