Christmas (unknown author)

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Christmas is a time of love
A time of joy and cheer
Christmas is a peaceful time
That wondrous time of year
A time of faith, a time of hope
Of friendships much more true
Christmas is a joyous time
When love shall come to you
Christmas is a little child
It's tinsel shining bright
Frosted windows, snowy lanes
Candles in the night
It's Santa Claus and dreams come true
So much that gladness sees
It's holly wreaths and silver bells
And star-tipped Christmas trees

Christmas is a place called home...
A door thrown open wide
A crackling fire all aglow
And loving hearts inside
It's happy faces, shining eyes
Soft music in the air
It's tissue, ribbon, cards to write
And secrets everywhere

Christmas is a lighted church...
The very nicest part
Believing in a special way
A prayer that fills your heart
It's friendliness so much more real
A blessing from above
Christmas is the special time
We greet the folks we love..

By:Deidra Danisee Craig