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Exit; to leave.

There are many things you can exit. The Internet is one of them.

How to exit the Internet

What is the Internet?

The Internet is the global information network you are participating in right now by reading this Internet website. But your entrapment by the Internet goes far beyond this website.

An anonymous spokesperson for the xiando Corp. once spilled the truth in a taxi-cue on his way home from a night out on town: "We will impose the Internet on your office and connect your personal workspace. We will convince your bank to outsource, downsize and require you to have Internet to use it without paying sky-high fees. We will create the illusion that all happy, successful and enlightened people use the Internet. Will will repeat this until we have made sure we have successfully created Internet as a new want within you for yet another service you strictly do not need and would not have wanted if it were not for us manufacturing your consent using our massive propaganda machinery. We will have made Internet available to every profitable consumer on earth shortly and have convinced all major corporations to move from traditional television and telephony to Internet communications within the next few months. We are working long-term with transport corporations to make the Internet available on trains, air-planes and on other transport methods. All must be plugged into the Internet, always and everywhere. It is useless to resist us. "

Are you addicted to the Internet?

You may be of one the thousands suffering from Internet addiction. Internet addiction is spreading because all successful Internet services are designed to make you spend as much time as possible at that website as often as possible. Any Internet service must by law make sure you are returning and frequently that service. It is essential to make sure you keep surfing around at the website so you eventually end up engaging in the desired profitable behavior, which can be making a purchase or just clicking on the advertisements. These goals are in no way local laws, they are laws of the global corporate economy. Websites who fail to a) keep your attention and b) keep you returning will not grow large and successful, this is a simple law of nature.

This means that you, as a consumer, constantly are bombarded with incentives for exploring endless amounts of more. More entertainment, more knowledge, more fun, what ever it takes to keep your attention on that corner of the Internet just a little more.

Should YOU consider exiting the Internet?

How much time, in hours, of your free time did you spend on the Internet did you spend on an average daily last week? How many hours did you spend on average daily the last week?

Less than 2: You are not addicted.
More than 2: You will soon be addicted.
More than 5: You are addicted.
More than 10: You are strongly addicted
More than 40: You are totally addicted to the Internet
More than 90: You should exit the Internet

Why exit the Internet?

Resistance is not totally useless. You can safely exit the Internet. Just try it. Start by exiting for short periods of time. Increase the time you stay away from the Internet with a few minutes every day and you may soon find that you have what they used to call "a real life" back in the early days of the Internet before a huge portion of the population got infested with the Internet Addiction Plague.

There are many good things outside the Internet. People can be just as fun in real life as they are on the Internet. You may find that you are missing out on "real life" because you are spending too much time using the Internet.

"I have my cell phone to load up google when i'm away from the keyboard for quick fixes, but it's still not the same." -- emorphix, Internet addict.

Things you can do when you exit the Internet

You can explore the great place called outside. This involves leaving your home for a very long period of time. It may be a great challenge to resist the immense amount of Internet sites and services who are all fighting desperately for your attention and go outside, specially when your attention time is fought over by the TV industries, the computer games industries and other industries freeloading off the part of humanity who are actually taking part in the workload. But outside can be great. Try it today!

The method for leaving the Internet

And as I wondered through the forests of the Internet I stumbled upon what apparently looked like an "EXIT". After investigating it carefully in using the most modern computer I found that it was indeed not a real exit, but a brief description of how to activating a real live exit and escape from the grasp of the Internet. A very old document created in HTML 2.0. briefly explains the method:

  • Locate the computer hardware which connects you to the Internet.
  • Find the OFF button.
  • Press it.

If that fails then locate any power cord connected to the computer hardware and unplug it.

How to leave the Internet when you are hooked up using portable devices

Portable devices can be properly shut down using a hammer if you are unable to find the "off" switch or in other ways activate the units proper shutdown procedure.

Good luck.