Goddess rebecka

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i had slept for
7 hours in the night
7 hours in the day
and there she was
she always
has new hairstyles
and she looked just
like a revelation
like a goddess
like something out of
the bible or quran or tanakh
i got a hug for the first time
it was a gentle one
we werent so gentle in bed
but she loved me so much
she wanted us to meet
in childbirth
she got twins
one charcoal brown eyes and hair
one blue eyes white skin red hair
i dont see her often
but always in my
time of need
she is there
i was so sad the last few days
i had gotten everything i wanted
and it was not what i wanted
it was both good and bad
as i see in everything
i had lost my poetic touch
it was so good i did not need to exercise
so i had gained weight again
i already weighted 133 kilos
so this was a disaster
but she held me like i was made of gold
of the most precious metal
and i could break so easily
some people speak in actions
some people speak in gifts
and she had our two 7 year old children with her
she has another man which takes care of them
officially its his eventhough he has
straight beige hair and olive skin
they hugged me like
they never wanted to let go
then she said in her divaness
no time to waste
i will be
here again
in a few months
and like that
she was gone
i will live on her love long
i have 9 children
and i almost never see them
when their moms want to
but the joy then is stronger
usually its only 1 year
we are together 24/7
then they just tire of me
i cant explain it
if i could
i would not be a poet
like they want me to
so this is to goddess rebecka
of the bible quran and tanakh
and probably bagavad
gita and rastafari too
hail thee