Howdy Honey Howdy

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by Paul Laurence Dunbar


DO' a-stan'in' on a jar, fiah a-shinin'
Ol' folks drowsin' 'roun' de place,
wide awake is Lou,
W'en I tap, she answah, an' I see
huh 'mence to grin,
"Howdy, honey, howdy, won't you
step right in?"


Den I step erpon de log layin' at
de do',
Bless de Lawd, huh mammy an' huh
pap's done 'menced to sno',
Now's de time, if evah, ef I's gwine
to try an' win,
"Howdy, honey, howdy, won't you
step right in?"


No use playin' on de aidge, trimblin'
on de brink,
W'en a body love a gal, tell huh
whut he t'ink;
W'en huh hea't is open fu' de love
you gwine to gin,
Pull yo'se'f togethah, suh, an' step
right in.

Sweetes' imbitation dat a body evah
Sweetah den de music of a love-sick
Comin' f'om de gal you loves bettah
den yo' kin,
"Howdy, honey, howdy, won't you
step right in?"

At de gate o' heaven w'en de sto'm
o' life is pas',
'Spec' I'll be a-stan'in', 'twell de
Mastah say at las',
"Hyeah he stan' all weary, but he
winned his fight wid sin.
Howdy, honey, howdy, won't you
step right in? "

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