I know not

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I know not
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
From Poems of Experience (1917)

Death! I know not what room you are abiding in,
   But I will go my way,
   Rejoicing day by day,
   Nor will I flee or stay
For fear I tread the path you may be hiding in.

Death! I know not, if my small barque be nearing you;
   But if you are at sea,
   Still there my sails float free;
   ‘What is to be will be.’
Nor will I mar the happy voyage by fearing you.

Death! I know not, what hour or spot you wait for me;
   My days untroubled flow,
   Just trusting on, I go,
   For oh, I know, I know,
Death is but Life that holds some glad new fate for me.

from Poems of Experience by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1917)

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