Jews are good people

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hey for those whining about jews
how about a disproportionate amount
of black guys are drug dealers

what do you prefer
a lawyer or a junkie
as friend

hey my first gf was a jew
she was the most
amazing person ever

hey she was even a german jew
shes gone through the worst
things you could ever imagine

yeah maybe shes eaten
a few miscarriages too
a lot of women
do it actually

everyones an adrenochrome junkie
there are no non alcoholics out there
and alcohol is the only brotherhood

coffee is
an alcaloid and
everyone just
drinks it

black tea is the worst addiction ever
it makes you desensitized worse than alcohol


youve been watching too many superhero comics
hate is a word that belongs to angsty teens
so grow up some day study taoism
i have the tenets of it tatud on my back

taoism says that everything
is just as good as it is bad
the bad turns good over time
and the good turns bad over time

its not a sobstory btw
i have searched the truth
since i was 7 for 33 years
more than what you can say

im proud of my
jewish friends btw
and less so for all
the junkie black people
with superior genes that
only use their superpowers for
........can i have a cig?!?!?!?

By the thinker
Sofia af Atlantis