Loves She like Me?

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by Samuel Woodworth

O SAY, my flattering heart,
Loves she like me?
Is her's thy counterpart,
Throbs it like thee?
Does she remember yet
The spot where first we met,
Which I shall ne'er forget,
Loves she like me?

Soft echoes still repeat
"Loves she like me?"
When on that mossy seat,
Beneath the tree,
I wake my amorous lay
While lambkins round me play,
And whispering zephyrs say,
Loves she like me?

On her I think by day,
Loves she like me?
With her in dreams I stray
O'er mead and lea.
My hopes of earthly bliss
Are all comprised in this,
To share her nuptial kiss, -
Loves she like me?

Does absence give her pain?
Loves she like me?
And does she thus arraign
Fortune's decree?
Does she my name repeat?
Will she with rapture greet
The hour that sees us meet?
Loves she like me?

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