Not a chance for us

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2004 maj

Oh my friend, Let me get over those hard days.
Sorry my friend. There isn’t any other ways.

Get away from hardly feelings. Sorry for leaving you

Not any way for dealings. I tell you the true


I met you in May; you gave me a chance, then or never

The summer days, gave us love and pain forever

Turn around and go back home, to my sweet home the best

Where I came from, giving me peace and rest


I tried so hard to give us a chance

The days and nights in every dance

I looked for e future with you

But who could know

Where you below

Why didn’t you tell me the true?


Should I have known?

Where you below

When you didn’t tell me the true?


Feelings yesterday, lovely thoughts was all I could se
for some rare days, I thought you belong to me

It hurts badly to se, for another was your love meant

It could not be we, so back to my home I went.


I need some time for reflection

Listen what feelings say

To lock for my new direction

Two by two, is not our way