Remembering Martin Luther King

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by John Martin, published in 'Liberty Bell', 1978.

 "I have a dream," King shouted loudly,
 The black man soon will stand up proudly.
 Equality! -- we're "free at last!"
 He thundered with a mighty blast.
 Equality through integration
 And concomitant miscegenation.
 To equalize, one thing is needing:
 We must have racial interbreeding!
 Raise up the lower, reduce the better,
 We need a common denominator!
 We'll integrate to make us free,
 The White Man has no right to be!
 Culture, science, and civilization,
 Uniquely are White Man's creation.
 However, this will count for naught,
 As full equality is sought.
 We'll tear down all that he has built,
 Equality will hide our guilt.
 We'll use 'Non-Violence', King claimed,
 Small comfort to the killed and maimed.
 For violence followed in his wake,
 While looters grabbed what they could take.
 Their grievances, more imagined than real,
 They set out to avenge with savage zeal.
 "Burn baby, burn!" the looters chanted,
 "Kill Whitey!" the cannibals all ranted.
 White politicians gave assent
 To this denigrating descent.
 "Their cause is right, their demands are just!"
 Asserted this vermin, to our disgust.
 Thirty pieces of silver was sufficient
 To satisfy the liberal, mental deficient,
 Which financiers were glad to pay
 To those who joined this treasonous fray.
 Yet, retribution will surely come
 To this abominable scum.
 They abetted this explosion
 To buy the votes and please the 'Chosen'.
 While these looked on with much elation,
 The pols betrayed both race and nation.
 They said, "Give all that they demand,
 Or violence will mar our land."
 Open housing, affirmative action -
 Our enemies smile with satisfaction.
 School busing and integration -
 Or is it just disintegration?
 As they ring down the final curtain,
 The White Man's doom is all but certain.
 Now - who shall carry the White Man's burden?
 For if he goes, you will go, too,
 With no one left to carry you.
 You cannot build, invent, create,
 So, back off now, ere it's too late!
 We'll win this struggle, never doubt it,
 We'll fight until the schemer's routed!
 Thereupon we will be free
 To fulfill the White Man's Destiny.
 We'll build, invent, explore, discover,
 The secrets of the universe uncover.
 All may gain by our ability,
 But - never from King's 'Equality!'

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