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Poem I

I feel as though i am falling; Falling through the deep, dark hole of love Yet no one will know, I hide it as long as I live
There are no boundaries to limit the way I feel. We joke around, and love, but we love only as friends
I keep my admiration hidden, for the fear of attracting laughs. I know you love me back, I just can't show my feelings
Trapped in a place, where secrets stay hidden. My only secret is the one where I love you
I can't contain my feelings, bottling them up, and lining them on my shelf. I need to let them free
But that being the cause of my anonymous poetry, it is dedicated to you, And you know who you are
I need to scream it. I am telling the strangers. I know they will not understand, They do not know me
But my age, my learning, and my friends, are all unknown to the outside
Therefor I tell you about him: He has chestnut hair, and clear blue eyes. I just can't stop staring
He makes people laugh, And knows just what to say. I love to be around him. I feel as though I am falling

Poem II

I want to be yours;
For you to call me Babe
and actually call me.
I want you in my arms so bad

I am hurting inside
because of your wonderfulness.
I want your hand to grasp mine.
I want your lips interlocking with mine.

You are the one!
I can feel it, i can feel that
you will be mine one day.
I don't know what I'm doing'

I CANT POSSIBLY know what I,
S.R.B am doing. I am in love,
even though you told me the rumors
weren't true. That you don't like me back.

How do i give a sign?
How frustrated am I,
that you hardly notice the girl
who talks to you every day.

Tell me i am loved by you,
that you will believe that phrase.
The one that goes like,
"Love is eternal"

Do you say its a lie?
That we have nothing?
I know we have something,
at the least a close friendship

Its almost the end of the year,
and i don't want to leave you
with the thought that I hated you.
I only insult because I'm scared

im afraid of what people will think
if I admit I'm in love.
In love with someone I'll never have.
Tell me the truth, do you like me?

Poem III

well, more of an entry. The person i love is amazing. We are in middle school. He is in a lot of my classes and we insult each other constantly. Please edit


giving me advice. thanks :)