The Preformer Of The Dance

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You know what?
It isn't people who are painfull,
your feelings are.
your gad damn own feelings,
is what you cant handle.
you wish it was someone else who had to change,
because when your feelings do,
the problem starts to
affects you.
We both can put the blame on our shoulders,
Still we both blame our self to much;
like we're not in touch.

You can not escape
you're part of it,
You can not distance,
You are performing the dance.

I think,
and I think I've got it right;
 you've never felt this way before,
in the heart of your soul,
lets take a chance,
in advance,
to create our own
embrace the romance.

Is there anything bigger to achieve?
Does love get trigged by grief?
is it more intense when it got the dark admire sense?
Does it makes you horny,
when love is forbidden and corny?

You are the first
who make it all
worth work at,
even at your worst.

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