The Rainbow of Promise

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by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In the face of the sun are great thunderbolts hurled,
   And the storm-clouds have shut out its light;
But a Rainbow of Promise now shines on the world,
   And the universe thrills at the sight.

'Tis the flag of our Union, the red, white, and blue,
   Our Star-spangled Banner--our pride;
Fair symbol of all that is noble and true,
   Flung out over continents wide.

Flung out in its glory o'er land and o'er sea,
   With a message from God in each star;
And a glorious promise of peace yet to be
   In the fluttering folds of each bar.

A Rainbow of Promise, bright emblem of hope,
   Fair flag of each cause that is just;
No longer in doubt or in darkness we grope -
   In the Star-spangled Banner we trust.

from Hello, Boys! by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1919)

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