The Reason

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by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

   Do you know what moves the tides
      As they swing from low to high?
   ’Tis the love, love, love,
      Of the moon within the sky.
   Oh! they follow where she guides,
   Do the faithful-hearted tides.

   Do you know what moves the earth
      Out of winter into spring?
   ’Tis the love, love, love,
      Of the sun, the mighty king.
   Oh the rapture that finds birth
   In the kiss of sun and earth!

   Do you know what makes sweet songs
      Ring for me above earth’s strife?
   ’Tis the love, love, love,
      That you bring into my life,
   Oh the glory of the songs
   In the heart where love belongs!

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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