There's so many things to say

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There's so many things to say,
but you already know.
There's so much I want to tell,
'cause you get it all somehow.
There's a lot of memories,
and they will never end.
'cause as long as I shall live,
you'll be the greatest friend.
There's nothing that I wouldn't tell,
I know you know it's true.
'Cause I can't see the reason why,
and I'll share everything with you.
You're the best friend I ever had,
you really get me right.
You always know when somethings wrong,
even if I'm out of sight.
And silent tears, or laughs out loud-
feels best along with you,
those privat talks, and secret things,
it makes it all so true.
And how much you mean to me,
I can't really explain,
even though you're far away-
you're always on my brain.
This is so strong and we've both prooved,
this friendship is forever.
We may cry, and we may fight,
but make it up together.
I've told you this so many times,
and I'll say it once again;
I know you know, but anyway:
You're the greatest friend<3