We Must Fight

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They beat us up.
They slandered us nonstop for four years.
They burned our businesses.
They looted our homes and businesses.

They terrorized our citizens.
the murdered our police officers.
They tore down the statues
that are part of our great history.

They destroyed our civil liberties
with unconstitutional orders.
They shutdown our constitutional right
to freely worship.

They wrecked our once great economy.
And then they stole our election
that our president had clearly won
in a landslide.

I can't speak for anyone else,
but I am enraged.

The only thing left
is them coming for us,
and they promised they would
and announced they're making lists.

The time for civility and kindness
is not when your head is in the tigers mouth.
We must fight or everything we knew as America
is over.

It's time.

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