Who is a Christian?

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by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

   Who is a Christian in this Christian land
   Of many churches and of lofty spires?
   Not he who sits in soft upholstered pews
   Bought by the profits of unholy greed,
   And looks devotion, while he thinks of gain.
   Not he who sends petitions from the lips
   That lie to-morrow in the street and mart.
   Not he who fattens on another’s toil,
   And flings his unearned riches to the poor,
   Or aids the heathen with a lessened wage,
   And builds cathedrals with an increased rent.

   Christ, with Thy great, sweet, simple creed of love,
   How must Thou weary of Earth’s ‘Christian’ clans,
   Who preach salvation through Thy saving blood
   While planning slaughter of their fellow men.
   Who is a Christian? It is one whose life
   Is built on love, on kindness and on faith;
   Who holds his brother as his other self;
   Who toils for justice, equity and PEACE,
   And hides no aim or purpose in his heart
   That will not chord with universal good.

   Though he be pagan, heretic or Jew,
   That man is Christian and beloved of Christ.


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