You could never have known

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alright anna is your split personality

and you can get anyone you want like sara

so if anna is true you talk about her

while talking about yourself at the same time

anna to you needs to know everything

theres both a godsong and an antichrist song about this.

they sample the same movie.

ill post them on livejournal too incase the knowledge is threatening.

oh theres a the dream song about it too. linked before but

anna likes things pounded into her

anna can handle anything over any period of time

anna never forgives never forgets

tracey is confused and forgives easily

anna wants to secretly punish people

without looking like the bad guy

to relieve her frustration

it is my mission to ultimately stop it

tracey wants to understand

and can with great interest

listen to people for hours and

hours days days years years

anna can handle anything

tracey rides with her car

to the middle of nowheres nowhere and

shares her pent up emotions with the ether

when unhappy anna hurts herself

tracey takes a hot warm relaxing bath

sometime they take a bloodbath together

im sorry it had to end this way lol




= (

= )


adamantine swims with the fishes

seas likes the crowd

uni is rudi boi




(brb :\)

[bella said dont forget to

feed the cats shes wherever

tessan is sleeping

(with herself {most surely})]

by Adamantine Seas

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