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För att jag älskar dig, Because I love you
In loving memory of my creativity
There is peace in yugoslavia
The norse wind passes by
Jews are good people
Peace war and love
White magic truth
Goddess rebecka
Haruki murakami
Love's Hurricane
Stay safe

quite empty here
the last person who really
updated svenskadikter or
immortalpoetry except for me
was a fellow creator
from miss poetry site
it was in february 2020 i think
(i joined november the year before)
so thats 3 years ago
i dont understand my darkness

i dont understand the light
the creativity either
but i was recommended
this site by a troll
so i guess ill update here
i dont know if anyone
visits this page
except for the trolls
over on svenska dikter
i got one
just 1 comment
from someone who liked my poetry
then some year later
a troll which said my writing
reminded him of farsi poetry
so that was a great compliment
mostly its just lonely
as they say

"writing, if anything, is a lonely life.
because you have to face eternity,
or the lack of it, alone"

i do not get any emotional
impact from writing poetry
sometimes when i seldom write stories
the ending gives a small tear in my eye
thinking through my life
i am really a stone heart
i have not delved
deep into books
except haruki murakami
who is a great author
but i have since
i was 7 years old
(now im soon 40)
searched for the truth
thats all for now
hope you enjoy my writings

i will try to change so on
svenskadikter its only swedish ones
and only american ones here
i hope
i hope
someone out there
reads what i write
i do not truly know it though
so it is real lonely
but it is not lonely when writing
same goes for photoshopping
which ive almost stopped with
because it requires
too much processing power
for my INTP w/ NI dominance brain
with making music its easier
since ableton live is
such a masterpiece of coding
i prefer just writing all day though
as a pisces in the moon
(moon sign tells of your soul)
i have gone through
many hardships in life
and still do
and i dont have much
faith in the afterlife
i guess now i will
rebirth as myself
when i was 6 years old
with all my wisdom intact
thus id say that
wisdom is soul
and emotions is body
its fleshy after all emotions
as i was going to mention
i have not really had emotions
when i did have emotions
maybe when i was 5 years or younger
i was on autopilot i was not concious
my conciousness hadnt developed yet
i have met one of my
kindergarten teachers later
she said when i was
between 1 and 2 years old id
run around and scream in joy
this i do not remember
then i was a free soul
like an aurora borealis
but i was not sentient

sometimes (er, often)
i freak out like that
just be myself
my core
and the core
is all your rebirths
through art it can be
revealed to you and others
now AI art is on the horizon

since i often get deja vu
i remember doing that
quantum computer assisted art before
because i have created about 20 pieces
and i remember them
but now i show them to others

i am not alone
i always have tracey and bella and
my mom and my sisters and my dad
and many people i have met on my side
they like being on the side though
peeking into my world

it does seem that no one
truly wants me to be happy

(volvo villa vovva
as we say in swedish)

because then i am just happy
i dont question things
i dont make art
because if i was happy all day
id spend time being happy
if i get abyss like despair
for several hours per day
then i create better art
when i DO feel happy again

i sort of dont believe in that though
if im inspired
if ive intaken a new persons
art or music or poetry
if im in love
then i create the best
art does not come from pain
it comes from insight
so, anyway......

welcome to my world

ill try exporting
my plethora of
english poems
to this site
i will basically
take it over lol
but eventhough ive ignored
this site FOR MONTHS at a time
not even thinking of it
no updates were
present when
i returned

i am seas
adamantine seas
i am the king of neptune
happy to be an acquaintance